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Orient M-Force Beast giveaway via Worn and

Watch:  Orient M-Force Beast

Finally a break in the giveaway doldrums and it’s for a dive watch from Orient. While this is near the top of their price range  it’s still competitive for an automatic dive-watch that is ISO, not just marketing people ,certified to live up to it’s resume.  Sure there’s some extraneous features on it that reflect the likelihood that it won’t see anything deeper than a swimming pool.There’s a full review over on the  Watch and Wound site that gives an , in depth, look at the piece. 


Entry Deadline: Mar 28 2013

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Daniel Wellington Fashion Watch via

Watch: Daniel Wellington Fashion Watch 

Bit of a quicky. Swedish watch brand Daniel Wellington are the subject of this  giveaway from Why does this eminently English sounding name  come to be associated with Sweden?  Well if you ,and I can’t, begin to fatham if Ikea could ever make a cabinet called  “Daniel” that would sell you can read about them on their site. It’s an odd mix of formal watch face with sport / nato straps.  All quartz,  around 40mm  and 6mm thick. It seems to be a bit above the average fashion watch that usually “graces” this page:)

Source: via John on Pinterest

Entry Deadline: March 18 2013

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Oris Dive watch photo and video contest via Oris

Watch:  Oris dive watch Various 

There’s a  CHF3500  Oris Dive watch and a trip to either Spain or Hong Kong on the line so , yes that means you’re going to have to do some work to win this one.

“Submit a photo/video* preferably with an Oris element and presented in a water related theme, such as engaging in a water sports environment, underwater marine life or deep-sea fishing, etc.”  Here’s the Pro-diver Chronograph I’d want if I were lucky enough to win.



There’s many other rules so  head on over to their FB contest page. Thanks to Phillip for passing on the contest info.

Entry Deadline: March 28, 2013 15:00

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