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 Greeting and the like,  

Yep I’ve been slacking off as the site really wasn’t doing what I thought it was going to. E.G., not take up time:)  Oddly I found it relaxing after a day’s work to come in and do this but since I’ve become one of the unemployed a few months back the enthusiasm for it has waned.  While I work out how to reduce the time to find contests/ post images  I’m pretty much going over to Twitter / FB  for the post generation so things won’t be as pretty here, thank you Pinterest for changing the way you do things 🙁

Given we’re nearing the second year and have only heard of three people winning watches through contests they found here it does appear I need to seriously rethink how to proceed.

Thanks and have a great time.

Happy new Year from your Perpetual calendar

Greetings and Salutations

Hopefully by now all your watches with a perpetual calendar have made it through the night safely 🙂

Wishing you all a prosperous and stress-free , unless you like that kind of thing,time over the coming year.

Normal service, what counts for it around these parts resumes  Jan 02 20..wait for it .. 13.



Thanksgiving watches ..It’s really a bleak, versus black, Friday


Well it looks like watch aficionados don’t really get to have thanksgiving discounts it’s the usual poor showing for discounts on anything meaningful. Sure fashion watches and watch like objects  are being tossed out the door but it’s  not worth braving the crowds for. If anything pops up I’ll post it to FB/ Twitter.

For now enjoy, even be thankful, that you’re in a place peaceful enough to visit a watch contest site, that you have disposable income to spend on something nicer , yet no more accurate than a $2 quartz and if you don’t there’s always the chance you can win one.

Have a great Thanksgiving



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