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Vacation ends Tomorrow : Twitter / FB updates in the meantime.

The lack of posts in the preceding week can’t really be attributed to the lack of time I’ve had to post them but the time it takes to find them.

There’s been a distinct lack of items worth posting in the last few days, those I found that were, strictly speaking, “watch like objects” which I sent over to Twitter and Facebook¬†just in case ūüôā

Normality, will resume  on  Monday.



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Break in time. On vacation


Going to be on vacation for the next two weeks so the near-daily posts may not be possible.

Hope the holiday season is going well for all and I wish you a merry Tickmas and a Happy new year.


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The inverse square rule applied to entering contests

Over the last ¬†75 posts it’s become apparent that most contests fall into two camps. ¬†Those that try too hard and those that don’t need to.

Those that try too hard.

Cheaper watch, lower audience = more effort.

The lower the watches price the more you have to do to win it.The lower the audience of the blog the more desperate the pleas to,like them,friend them,comment on them,like the brand, like the brands twitter account,tell people,repost times many and then another ten steps to get extra entries.

The only good news is your chances of winning that gel watch is going to be pretty good re that no-audience/onerous entry process.

Those that don’t need to.¬†

Contests giving away watches in the $300  and above category are usually  offering something of genuine value.taking time to learn about the brand or timepiece is the goal and when there are extra steps they seem well within reason. People with audiences  usually got there by being good at what they do.

And then there’s these marketing duds

Companies that require me to like them prior to seeing the contest come off like they are hiding something. If it’s that important for you to be liked, amass metrics for your sales people then ¬†maybe spend the time making something people want? ¬†Oops I forgot marketing isn’t idealistic in that respect and they’ll try to flog any old dog with superlatives on quality, originality and history that could barely be applied to many of the companies that actually invented most of the improvements in today’s watches;)



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