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Time to win me, the beginning.


We’re currently in the early phases of setting up , a watch giveaway aggregator which we hope will be an indispensable addition to your Google reader, inbox or daily surfing habits.

We’re not reviewers.

The sites we link to do a far better job than we’re able to,though from time to time commentary on the watches we like ,and watches we own, will sometimes make their way in.

We’re not picky.

Just because we have a bias to never buy certain brands that doesn’t meant they’re entirely worthless, after all there’s always a trip to the target range  with a slow-motion camera.  If we’re linking to something awful that you wouldn’t allow in the house  there’s no need to get angry over it just look down and there’s bound to be something you like. If not enter anyway and post a video of the offending objects demise. ( we’re not liable for damage to your blender)

Actually we’re picky on one thing. Advertising.  Comments that include links to fake watch sites won’t be posted.We’re going to try to keep it on topic, and trust the reader to remind us, gently, should we fail.

Have fun,




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