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Cadence 420 Watch giveaway via

Watch:  Cadence 420 Watch 

Cadence make interesting affinity watches for many subcultures though not all of them have their own special day.  Here’s a 420 watch from Cadence  that’s part of a listen to  win giveaway by the Weeducated show. The question is within show 24 and I suggest that anyone with a passing interest in medical marijuana and the issues surround it will learn something from the show.  I’m biased because I record and produce the audio for the show, I also like a lot of Cadence watches which we’ve featured here as contest prizes from time to time.

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4:20 Chronic Dank watch giveaway by the Cadence Watch co.

Watch:  Cadence Chronic 4.20 dank 

This looks like a July Contest but I lacked the motivation to go looking for further details.  Cadence make some interesting niche watches though this one I believe has a fairly wide following.Take a look at the green hand  at the twenty past four. I’m not sure I should be promoting gateway watches as it’s well known that most people with a watch collection  started off on quartz before developing a serious mechanic problem.

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Entry Deadline:  Sometime in July?

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