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Eberhard & Co Chrono4 contest via World Tempus

Watch:  Eberhard & Co Chrono4 

The best thing about the World Tempus contests apart from the obvious value of the prizes they offer  is  you have to actually do a bit of research into the related brand. I’ve never seen anything by Eberhard & Co and I’m pretty sure the four dials here are memorable enough to have jogged a recollection had I done so. While this watch isn’t for me I did find two that I really like and wouldn’t mind seeing in person. So as soon as I am near, oh there’s nowhere near to be that sells them so may as well try to win it.
Entry Deadline: 31st May 2013 

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Wryst Airborne FW3 giveaway via a Blog to Watch.

Watch:  Wryst Airborne FW3

From time to time I’ve posted that it doesn’t matter what personal feelings I have on a watch  as there’s usually someone out there that’s going to love it and since there’s only 75 of them being made I doubt I’ll ever get to use an awkward pause when someone asks me if I like their new watch:I do rather like the crown  so it’s not a total loss. Anyway   Tis Quartz, tis a chronograph with a dlc case and sapphire crystal which  apparently emboldens the marketers to attach the word luxury to it.  Yep because non thermo compensated quartz movements with silicone straps are just the thing I would expect to seen next to the F P Journe.



Entry Deadline: May 2013

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Ball Trainmaster worldtime chronograph contest via World Tempus

Watch:  Ball Trainmaster worldtime chronograph

Things haven’t been running on-time here at Time to so maybe this will inspire me to run more contests in a timely fashion?  This month’s contest over at World Tempus is for a one of my favorite classes of watch, the world timer. In the wrong hands the dial gets too busy, the color scheme garish  and the price outrageous.  None of which I would accuse the Ball Trainmaster worldtime chrono over. It’s a 42mm stainless steel case with a Ball modified movement. 15 micro gas tubes to illuminate the dial at night, world time and chronograph complications at a price of around $4k  this is way more tool watch than the big names are going to give you at this price, hell if they even  can sell you a watch at that price:)  I want to win this, own this or, if I didn’t have my mind set on an F P Journe bleu, buy the damn thing.

Source: via John on Pinterest


Entry Deadline: April 30th 2013

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